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MSC has been purpose-designed to help Health and Aged Care Providers deliver better, safer, more consistent and higher quality care.


Is specifically designed to address the recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission to record and report on Care Minutes

Enables providers to easily quantify and report on Care Time and Care Minutes and achieve 5 Star Rating NSQHS standards in Aged Care

Enables providers to meet and report Aged Care Safety and Quality Commission standards for Care Time and Support for every resident every day

Keeps facilities safe and reduces workforce risk by enabling real time in-home contact tracing to be performed

Measure, understand and improve new workflows and processes

Drive Covid Safety with real time contact tracing and physical distancing processes in Aged Care facilities, reducing risk for residents and workforce

My Safe Care - delivers better, safer, more consistent and higher quality care.

Our powerful solution provide:

  • Covid Safety
  • Helps to identify clients at risk of loneliness and isolation
  • Measures contact and care time between staff and clients
  • Helps providers meet a range of National Safety & Quality Compliance Standards
  • Improves workflows, enabling more to be done with less

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