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My Safe Care - AI Solution from FS Australasia

My Safe Care – ideal for…

Aged Care ~ Health Care

My Safe Care

Shouldn’t evidence-based care be your reality?

Discover My Safe Monitor - AI Solution from FS Australasia for Various Industries

My Safe Monitor – ideal for…

Councils/Libraries ~ Retail & Fast Food Outlets ~ Banks/Financial Services ~ Hotels & Restaurants ~ Fitness Centres/Gyms ~ Airports

My Safe Monitor

Want to know what’s really working in your retail space?

My Safe Space- AI Solution from FS Australasia

My Safe Space – ideal for…

Hotels & Restaurants ~ Universities/Schools ~ Warehouses ~ Airports (Initial Quarantine) ~ Offices ~ Fitness Centres & Gyms

My Safe Space

Delivering the best (and safest) shopping experiences possible?

My Safe Event - AI Solution from FS Australasia

My Safe Event – ideal for…

Events & Conferences
Events & Conferences

My Safe Event

Can’t measure ROI and Impact at your event / conference?

My Safe Trace - AI Solution from FS Australasia

My Safe Trace – ideal for…

Offices ~ Fitness Centres/Gyms ~ Warehouses ~ Universities/Schools

My Safe Trace

Things go wrong. Is your Covid Safety plan the best it can be?

Retail - Return On (Artificial) Intelligence - AI Solution from FS Australasia

RO.i – ideal for…

Retail & Fast Food Outlets


Still pretending your current door count data is accurate?

My Safe City - AI Solution from FS Australasia

My Safe City…

Sensor-powered foot traffic insights and capacity management solution for commercial areas, business districts and industrial parks.

My Safe City

Don’t be exposed. Is your town /city ready?

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